December 2006


Does it really bother you when I speak of G-d’s grace?

Are you more worthy than I, has He shown you His face?

Maybe you think your more blessed than me

You’re a saint? Well, Isn’t that epiphany of hypocrisy?

So you judge my heart and seen I don’t deserve G-d’s mercy

You tell everyone to look at me, if she’s blessed she’d act accordingly

Well, I don’t judge your loyalty, My savior doesn’t only love me

He loves us all, My savior is not of discernability,

He even loves you and all your absurdity

I am blessed abundantly and no not all my acts are of obscurity

For some strange reason, My savior continues to protect me

Even in my rebellious, stubborn, and even mean impurities

So don’t send me no message on how to be until you act accordingly.

Copyright © 2006 P.P. Vol. 1



Maybe it’s for the best

That I did not lay my head on your chest

That you never felt my warm caress

That we never let REAL love manifest

Shutting down prematurely making love arrest

May be it’s for the best 

But I can’t help but feel so depressed

Like we cheated on Kendall’s test

By not remaining in the guidelines that love profess

But who am I to argue or even protest

Maybe it’s for the best

A slip from your sweet lip might had made me obsessed

The hunger after your touch I may not be able to digress

The control of my emotions I would not be able to suppress

Probably tearing out my heart leaving a recess

Maybe it’s for the best

G-d probably already assessed that I couldn’t take the stress

I can’t help but think it’s was to soon to attest

Impulsive to end it all so soon but I have already impressed

I guess I have not have enough of your finesse

So maybe it’s for the best…

Copyright © 2000


His reply

I have to confess, Maybe it’s for the best

That I have you lay your head on my chest

I’ll feel your caress, but first let me help you undress

I want you to rest, cause in your love I will invest

Nothing more I want to do but love you endless

Maybe it’s for the best

That I let you experience me and I begin to express

Hold you tight and soothe away your stress

Touch you in places your very core has suppressed

Fulfill your wants and needs and every request

Maybe it’s for the best

That I put all your fear to rest

That I help you address love’s issue you’ve repressed

That no issue between us be digressed

Our thoughts of one another become a mental infest

Maybe it’s for the best

That I let it be known that our love I profess

Make love to you all day like we were on house arrest

That we both become completely obsessed

That we live the rest of our lives in pure bliss, happiness

Now maybe that’s for the best..

Copyright © 2005


Replaceable, Disposable, Throw away Nation  

News documentation but no not my man’s summation

Weekly threats to move on, let go, end it all

Maybe no words, no quarrels, ask and I’ll stall  

Share v Shutting down is an actual battle

Walking on egg shells, quiet as kept, so no rattle  

Breaking up would be so damn absurd

Peaceful existence, me and him would be preferred

No worries, sharing, caring, loving, and staying  

Too much drama to those emotions I’m conveying

Margin of human error is impossible to met

A challenge design by him but he can’t achieve it’s feet

Copyright © 2005