Maybe it’s for the best

That I did not lay my head on your chest

That you never felt my warm caress

That we never let REAL love manifest

Shutting down prematurely making love arrest

May be it’s for the best 

But I can’t help but feel so depressed

Like we cheated on Kendall’s test

By not remaining in the guidelines that love profess

But who am I to argue or even protest

Maybe it’s for the best

A slip from your sweet lip might had made me obsessed

The hunger after your touch I may not be able to digress

The control of my emotions I would not be able to suppress

Probably tearing out my heart leaving a recess

Maybe it’s for the best

G-d probably already assessed that I couldn’t take the stress

I can’t help but think it’s was to soon to attest

Impulsive to end it all so soon but I have already impressed

I guess I have not have enough of your finesse

So maybe it’s for the best…

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