Your poems are so prudy, so sexy, so alluring to read

Lines fill of dicks, clits, sexy sh*t to mentally satisfy needs

Passion, promises, zeal, line to line, mentally f*#king the mind

Must be stimulating to know mental orgies are intertwined

So many ladies at one time, you as the man is a masterful design

Bravo Mister you got them all wet, slippery, and like feens

Now what Mister, you got their attention, like puppets on a string

Is your mission accomplished? Do you take it off the page?

Do you try for distribution, or this the extent of this engage?

I guess this audience makes you happy, you are the man here

Who can mental sex you, say I love you plus sound so sincere

Give out hugs, back rubs, pour wine, carnation cost only a thin dime

But your making all these ladies feel good, and that aint no crime

So thank you for those stimulating words, and the deep coos at night

It came in handy along with the batteries waiting for my Knight

But Imma take this off screen, PC affix don’t include that black thing

Nobody can mentally get me off like you, so thanks for the fling

If by chance you want to come out behind the screen, gimme a call

You don’t have to type, imagine, I actually have them sugar walls

The contraction, the gasping, the thrusting, the loving is real

Outside the box combining mental with the feel, it’s ideal

Until then enjoy the ladies, the attention, the mental f*#ks

But Mister don’t get to caught up, find yourself sh*t outta luck

Cause if you passed me by, they’re were others just like me

But you probably so damn busy trying to find love’s guarantee

The funny part is for some reason you think it’s on screen

Copyright © 2006 P.P. Vol. 1.