There’s no substituting you, but I really tried to

Was trying real hard to get over you, so any fool would do

And a fool is what I found, ignorance that was so profound

That’s what I get for trying so hard, keeping my heart on guard

No one but you makes my body have spasms,  had to think of you for my enthusiasm

Pungent odor from another, but your sweet fragrance natural body essence

Touches my nose goes right to my heart and soul, oh acquiescence

Body like a Greek G-d, chiseled, strong, mocha and taste as exceptional

Thinking of your Mocha pressed against my Khaki, hmmm, so phenomenal

Charismatic words melts all ills, lost in your arms and wooed by your charm

Craving your presence, ur style, ur uniqueness , all my defense are disarmed

Significant that only you can stimulate my mind, to create such rhymes

Only you can embrace me in so many ways, my mind, body and spirit

My heart was captured by a thief with an amazing smile, you as the culprit

My rosebud becomes thick, enriched with a flick from your finger tips

And when your lip gently touches it, seems like there’s a total eclipse

A whole years seems so long to wait, but there’s just no equivalent

But to think of waiting in vain is distressing, can’t handle your ambivalence

So I am at a crossroad of life, ready to love with all my heart, to no end

Trying to move on, with my heart attached to you, but looking for a new friend

It feels at time no matter how I try this broken heart of mines will never mend

Nothing anyone can recommend, just at a pitiful soul, trap by the horror of love

Wishing it was the type of love that beautiful, melodic songs are made of

Instead it’s the one unrequited fools find themselves blinded by, how maligned?

So I guess any fool will do, any fool that will help me get over you

Guess that all I can do, until I wake up one day with a heart anew

And I hope that’s soon…..

Copyright © 2006 P.P. Vol. 1