Your strength is not  compromised by your tears 

You made it though the hard times before, despite your fears

Your support has constantly remained in the arrears         

But some how you’re been able to hold it down, and persevere

With grace, strength and qualities that endears

Your children know that you stand alone

But oblivious to your fears of the unknown

How do you make ends meet? Is a problem for the grown

You put them first, your happiness can be postponed

All the worries, grief and heartaches are for you to own

You’re just not making it, but your holding it down like what

 Steady kicking open doors that were once shut

You got kids to feed, and no one else seems to give a f&*k

Choice in co-parent like any gamble, you crap out and s&*t out of luck

But no satisfaction to the haters, so with your head up high, you strut

From getting up so early and going to bed so late

Balancing masterfully cause you have so much on your plate

Still looking good, keeping yourself up, no dates or no mate

Understanding that this just might be your fate

G-d seen your strength and competence to live in this state

Under this kind of pressure, some will never know

But Lord why me? He hears your cries of woe

You’re never ill equipped? G-d believes in quid pro quo

Seems reward for all this pain and strife is slow

Apropos, Developing a responsible adult, the gift to bestow

 And your final reward, heaven only knows….

Copyright © 2006 Pinkemeralds Poetry Vol. 1