Slipped off his ring before he enters the door

You’ll never leave, an argument he rather not have anymore

Just completely torn, thoughts of losing either one, heavens forbid

How do you choose between love and having your kids?

See the magic died so long ago at home, and they both know

But what to do when the children are only a few years old

His wife still tries real hard to light a candle with no wick

She knows something awful is going on, he hangs up the phone to quick

Only when she walks in the room, seems like she brings the gloom

Other lady trap in a love, hoping that he’ll come to her I presume

Sitting patiently for her man, losing herself esteem for love wasn’t the plan

See he neglected to be honest when this love affair began

He thought he would get a quick thrill, the hell he’s catching at home was unreal

And he’s a man with needs, not knowing to her his heart he’ll concede

Wife finally realize to her horror the hell she has put him through

Like a snowball rolling downhill, never thought he’d be untrue

She worries herself sick not knowing what to do; she wants it to work

Understanding now it was the small issues, they should not have shirked

Other woman relieves all his woes; of course she holds no shares in his cares

No worries of obligations, happy relations are the only burden she bears

Now she wants him for herself, unsatisfied with overnight dates in other states

After months of playing this game of duck and dodge, she wants her own mate

They each played a part, No one is innocent in this triangle of confusion

Wanting pity and not looking at themselves for the source of the delusion

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