March 2007


My poems are weak, is that your critique?


Statement cuts deep to my core


Does my expressions lack in technique?


Pleased by my craft, Damn, I was so sure


Hasn’t one shown emotions I beseech?


Tried so hard to work on my décor


Or could I’ve written them in Greek?


Intensity I thought you once adore


Didn’t you ever think I was unique?


Thought you would be the wind in which I soar

© 2007





The Dangers of Closing Door to Premature

Leads to regret on decisions you entrepreneur

Your word is the only lasting entity you control

Be careful to yourself be true, don’t sellout your soul


I once suffered from that same affliction

Then realizing that regret settled replacing my convictions

Closing door, terminating relationship based on feelings

Couldn’t wait to see if tomorrow will bring healing


At times I think the extreme opposite for me has set in

Not trusting instinct that a closed door is fitting

But isn’t that the answer, if you have doubts

In your decision in burning bridges, you must be DEVOUT



Once it’s burnt repairing it might not even be an option

I find the reconstruction of thought should be adopted

Not ready to walk away, it’s time for the relationship to change

Cause I’m not wasting my life away, arguing with you every freaking day!!!

© 2007


I think I finally see the light at the end of this expedition

The journey to fulfilling my purpose, my only ambition

It took so very long but now I stand here in full fruition

This is me and I like who I see, everyday falling in love with me

I worked so hard to remove the debris

The growing pains to get me to this stage, took evocative disengage

Replacing the behaviors that stunted my growth for mental assuage

The why’s are all answers and the now what’s are all appeased

Necessary to see it’s was all mandatory, the past as hard as it seems

Now its time to cultivate who’s emerging from inside of me

She’s who I strive to be but so many obstacles thought I’d never see

Overwhelmed, life had blinding my way to becoming this exquisite Queen

Faux arrogance, false self assurance, ways to disguise, the great deceive

Hiding the fear, sheltering the core which bear nothing except naive

Becoming someone I love has been a rough goal to achieve

Haven’t fully attain the spirit of the virtuous woman I envisioned

However, I’m working my way to her with meticulous precision

I’m doing some spring cleaning, the nonsense must go to make provision

Wont let anything stop my growth, tending to it with constant supervision

I just can’t risk in causing a rescission

So if you loved who I was you’ll fall head over heel over who I will be

If you disliked who I represent please stay for the revealing of the new me

But if you hate who I embodied continue to flee, the true me will set you free

The core of me has never change, it’s the behaviors that are becoming bourgeoisie

Unveiled to the world with a great jubilee

© 2007



Pages, pages and pages of despair

With every page, can you hear my heart tear

Some pages are pleasant, breaks of sunshine

I would just die if life was constantly unkind

I wish I could just express scenes of beauty’s domain

Of lovely spring day, or kissing in the rain

Early morning dew on purple & lilac petals

Soft soothing wind blowing in bright green meadows

Who would want to always hear about my depression?

My confusions, anger, chaos, and severe regressions

Who in their right mind would want to really love me?

Who would want this ambassador of melancholy?

I guess I could write of my babies’ birth, that image is great

For the eyes of the beholder, a semi normal picture I’ll paint

But where in the world can I vent my frustration with life

No telling what can occur, wine up craving my skin up with a knife

Damn, this one is not a bit better, maybe even worst

Being able to express flaws within me, is it a blessing or a curse?

Copyright © 2002


My daughter wants me to hang, it’s mall day

My son smiles, babyish with his arm’s raised

The temperature is perfect, a lovely spring day

 But I can’t keep this this pain away

I have to function at work, I’m getting paid

I have to be there for Mom, she’s ole and gray

The house needs cleaning and the dishes are stained

But I can’t keep this pain away

My friends tell me I’m a good person, a valuable soul

My friends say keep your head up, your happiness you hold

The guys they keep calling, still say my beauty has maintain

But I just can’t keep this pain away

In bed I want to stay, heartache has me bond

In the bed, I just want to sleep off this frown

Praying with every nap, awake renew for the day

It hasn’t happen yet, I can’t keep this pain away

Everyone that knows me seeks advice, Kim will know

Everyone looks to me for humor, Kim’s a fun loving soul

My life dedicated to helping other, it gets them though each day

It’s just to bad, I can’t keep my own damn pain away

© 2000