My daughter wants me to hang, it’s mall day

My son smiles, babyish with his arm’s raised

The temperature is perfect, a lovely spring day

 But I can’t keep this this pain away

I have to function at work, I’m getting paid

I have to be there for Mom, she’s ole and gray

The house needs cleaning and the dishes are stained

But I can’t keep this pain away

My friends tell me I’m a good person, a valuable soul

My friends say keep your head up, your happiness you hold

The guys they keep calling, still say my beauty has maintain

But I just can’t keep this pain away

In bed I want to stay, heartache has me bond

In the bed, I just want to sleep off this frown

Praying with every nap, awake renew for the day

It hasn’t happen yet, I can’t keep this pain away

Everyone that knows me seeks advice, Kim will know

Everyone looks to me for humor, Kim’s a fun loving soul

My life dedicated to helping other, it gets them though each day

It’s just to bad, I can’t keep my own damn pain away

© 2000