I think I finally see the light at the end of this expedition

The journey to fulfilling my purpose, my only ambition

It took so very long but now I stand here in full fruition

This is me and I like who I see, everyday falling in love with me

I worked so hard to remove the debris

The growing pains to get me to this stage, took evocative disengage

Replacing the behaviors that stunted my growth for mental assuage

The why’s are all answers and the now what’s are all appeased

Necessary to see it’s was all mandatory, the past as hard as it seems

Now its time to cultivate who’s emerging from inside of me

She’s who I strive to be but so many obstacles thought I’d never see

Overwhelmed, life had blinding my way to becoming this exquisite Queen

Faux arrogance, false self assurance, ways to disguise, the great deceive

Hiding the fear, sheltering the core which bear nothing except naive

Becoming someone I love has been a rough goal to achieve

Haven’t fully attain the spirit of the virtuous woman I envisioned

However, I’m working my way to her with meticulous precision

I’m doing some spring cleaning, the nonsense must go to make provision

Wont let anything stop my growth, tending to it with constant supervision

I just can’t risk in causing a rescission

So if you loved who I was you’ll fall head over heel over who I will be

If you disliked who I represent please stay for the revealing of the new me

But if you hate who I embodied continue to flee, the true me will set you free

The core of me has never change, it’s the behaviors that are becoming bourgeoisie

Unveiled to the world with a great jubilee

© 2007