The Dangers of Closing Door to Premature

Leads to regret on decisions you entrepreneur

Your word is the only lasting entity you control

Be careful to yourself be true, don’t sellout your soul


I once suffered from that same affliction

Then realizing that regret settled replacing my convictions

Closing door, terminating relationship based on feelings

Couldn’t wait to see if tomorrow will bring healing


At times I think the extreme opposite for me has set in

Not trusting instinct that a closed door is fitting

But isn’t that the answer, if you have doubts

In your decision in burning bridges, you must be DEVOUT



Once it’s burnt repairing it might not even be an option

I find the reconstruction of thought should be adopted

Not ready to walk away, it’s time for the relationship to change

Cause I’m not wasting my life away, arguing with you every freaking day!!!

© 2007