She watches us hoping for a chance at you

Or is it me that she desires, she’s not giving us a clue

Looks like she wouldn’t mind us both

Watching us intensely, slowly drawing close

Just knowing she there makes it so erotic

Just knowing she’s there lying in wait

You hold me close and whisper in my ear

Telling me that I’ll make the calls , this ride I’ll steer

Not sure how to be cause dominance is his thing

But today I’ll navigate how we swing

Hmmm, I beckon her to come close to see if her kisses are sweet

Whispering in her ear to keep all we do tonight very discrete

Instructing her that his pleasure is our goal

Make him so weak, not knowing his control I stole

With a wink , she knew just what I mean

Poor man, didn’t know that we had plotted and schemed

I know him well, everything he likes, now times two

First Ill start and just do everything I do

He likes it licked like this, now see how he likes two sets of lips

Let’s see… who will ride first, I decide to let him quench her thirst

As I straddle his smile, she climbs abroad, now we all can enjoy

Sucking, licking, sexing and kissing, until a passionate burst

Clasping with exhaust and delight, she had enough of what I’ll allow

Cause after we’re done, no cuddling , three’s a crowd

© 2007