May 2007


Tired of hoping that one day you will change

Tired of trying to convince you that my love will remain

Tired of feeling confused, hurt, alone and defeated

Tired of feeling like love is about being mistreated

Tired of the storm, the rain, the heartache, the pain

Tired of not being able to resist you, never able to refrain

 Tired of looking into your eyes that holds nothing for me

 Tired of love giving me no guarantees, not one ounce of security

Tired of being patiently waiting for someone that doesn’t even know I exist

Tired of my heart wanting you, never ceasing, constantly persist

Tired of crying, feeling like I’m dying, never satisfied and

Tired of feeling scared that one day I’ll hear you say good bye

Tired of being sick and tired just wish my heart would feel the exhaust

Tired of loving someone that won’t even recognize the great love he has lost

Copyright © 2000

(orginally posted 12/13/07)



It feels like he’s cutting off my air supply

Hyperventilating, not sure how to keep from hearing good bye

Without love I’m nothing, without love I have no breath

Without him, I feel like I’ll just suffocate under the stress

Love is not boastful, nor is it proud, it’s full of patience

But how do I keep from feeling so damn anxious

It’ll be alright, it’ll be just fine, just be easy

Hoping he would just come back and free me

Maybe I am just to damn green, to me love is all I need

Letting go of the misunderstanding is easy for me to concede

Just need one reason to stay around, love is so hard to find

But I guess love is hard to combine with peace of mind

How do I go on without it, feels like a damn panic attack

The room seems to be spinning, Oh no everything is going black!!

How do I face another day, and deal with the fact

He’s gone, it’s over and I can’t get my man back….

Copyright © 2005


(orginially posted 12/8/06)


Long hard day then sunset, night falls, staring into your eyes

Went thru the day wanting your touch, needing your kiss

Then your tongue slip past mines, it stimulates me, entices me

Laying back pleading without word, my eyes begging for your touch

Hardly can breath, wanting in expectation, gazing into your eyes

Can you read what they say? They are yelling for your touch

Damn, you know exactly what they are saying, as you stand over me

Looking at me in admiration of what you have done by making me wait

I’m so dam anxious, my hips welcomes your stares

I buck my hips to meet your gaze, beckoning you to enter me

As if my lips down there can form the words, “Make yourself at home”

Then finally, with a sigh you give me relief

It feels like you penetrated my entire being, my very soul has embraced you

I lift my legs up so you can be exactly where you want to be, deep.

Deep thrust with every stroke, in, out, in, out, so melodically

Touching places that I thought were impervious but you’re there baby

The pleasurable tenderness of it is so good, that I can’t keep silent

For a second you think your hurting me but it’s just ecstasy taking over me

I stare into your eyes cause I love to see your own satisfaction in watching me

You take pride to know it’s only you that makes me feel this good

And it’s my pleasure to let you know my pussy is tailored made for you

No other dick will do, so I whisper that in your ear and watch you thrust faster

Then you call out my name and I can see the dreamy look in your eyes

You seem to reach even deeper in me, faster each time with each move

Revealing to me your power, I know your so close baby

I can feel you tense up and my muscle contracts, holding you so tight

About to travel to that place I can’t follow, please don’t go yet

Wanting you to stay, I can’t help by hold on to you with all my might

Not just your neck but where it counts the most, you are so close

I then realize as my rosebud is at full bloom and kitty has began to purrrrr

It’s me that can not stop from taking flight, What a delight?

I find at my return, you have just returned from your own trip to paradise…

Copyright © 2006

(orginally posted 12/7/06)



My Love Poem….Enjoy

I promised myself the next poem would not be so blue

Maybe I talk about the sun breaking through summer night’s dew

Turning to kissing my love, and embracing life with you

Make love to you all day like monkeys at the zoo

Maybe not that last line let me express love more divine

How about a garden full of roses without thrones on the vines?

What about a dinner for two featuring your favorite swine

NO, not romantic enough? How about let’s get shit face off some cheap wine?

How your love poem come along so far, are you horny yet?

How about a sweet kiss from my lips with breath scented cigarettes?

I can tell you about a Mountain tops with snow capped view

Or what about that sex thing you like, the thumb in, oh is that too taboo?

Maybe I can stay away from how you hurt me with that girl last week

Dang, not really getting the romance off the ground, seems bleak

I guess your gonna have to go get a hallmark card for your passion

 Cause this style of poetry just aint my fashion..

Copyright © 2006 P.P. Vol. 1


(orginally posted 12/5/06)


Just like Pagliacci did
I try to keep my problems hid


If I can’t have your love, I rather have your hate…

Ur perception?

Seen as annoying not sweetly admired

Love 2 possessive not highly desired

Presence optional not ever required

Leaves me feeling totally defeated and tired

Know the feeling? (no reply needed)



You finally found my worth in my absence

Blinded by all of life’s distraction

Thought my intensity was unattractive

Now knowing in your life, my essence what’s lacking


When I loved you, you never questioned

I applied love‘s duty to enhance your ambitions

Knowing my veneration of you thru all expression

But in the end, MY love’s work was insufficient


Didn’t have to be near, my love for you was secure

Distance never damn the flow, you felt my adore

In who I was to you, you’d rest assure

But I’m sorry love don’t live here anymore


True love last a lifetime, and the only love I produce

But with maturity, I learned it’s not a reason to take abuse

So on the shelf it goes to live it’s life as a recluse

Because I can’t allow love to be a crutch or an excuse


Best you can do is reach for a friendship to fall on cordiality

I hold no grudge, Pink Emerald won’t dull her brilliancy

 I thank you for your role in life’s lesson in agility

And opening a flow in me, that shines so abundantly


Peace© 2006

3458305997.jpgA poem to me from HIM…


When you were here I didn’t see you

Didn’t notice your smile

When you left me I felt empty

Couldn’t figure out why



When you loved me I was special

I could conquer the world

When you left me I was nothing

Because you weren’t my girl



When you held me I was safe

In your arm I could rest

In your love I was protected

From the chaos and mess



It was your love that rescued me

From my sorrow and pain

Gave me hope and a new direction

Gave me shelter from the rain



In restraint I can not touch you

Can’t experience your grace

Feel your kisses on my soul

And the warmth of your embrace



But in time you will re-love me

Because your love was always true

If I must wait one thousand lifetimes

This is what I must do

by Kenji


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