While he rest assured

I dreamt of you loving me, holding me

Dreamingly, how you embraced me when he would not

You consoled me, You made me feel alive

While he felt confident

I reflected on how you protected me

How you open doors for me, and held my hand

You insist I walk on the inside away from traffic

While he sat so smug in his righteousness

I remembered the last time we fought

How you realized, I was afraid, a woman with scars

And you eased my fears and made the pain go away

While he distance himself, his love

I recalled all the promises you kept, the faith you restored

You never stopped caring for me, trusting my love for you

You just never gave up on me

While he told me I was a lost cause

I was reminded how you made me feel precious

You made me feel special, loved, and beautiful

I had pride with you, and a smile more often then not

While he had his way with me

I recollected my thought on how you made love to me

How you kissed my lips, you touch me so gently

How you wanted my pleasure to know no end

While he walked away from me

I know you would have stood by me

Tried to understand me, cared to preserve our lives together

So,why am I reminiscing on a life I can still have?

© 2007