You finally found my worth in my absence

Blinded by all of life’s distraction

Thought my intensity was unattractive

Now knowing in your life, my essence what’s lacking


When I loved you, you never questioned

I applied love‘s duty to enhance your ambitions

Knowing my veneration of you thru all expression

But in the end, MY love’s work was insufficient


Didn’t have to be near, my love for you was secure

Distance never damn the flow, you felt my adore

In who I was to you, you’d rest assure

But I’m sorry love don’t live here anymore


True love last a lifetime, and the only love I produce

But with maturity, I learned it’s not a reason to take abuse

So on the shelf it goes to live it’s life as a recluse

Because I can’t allow love to be a crutch or an excuse


Best you can do is reach for a friendship to fall on cordiality

I hold no grudge, Pink Emerald won’t dull her brilliancy

 I thank you for your role in life’s lesson in agility

And opening a flow in me, that shines so abundantly


Peace© 2006