3458305997.jpgA poem to me from HIM…


When you were here I didn’t see you

Didn’t notice your smile

When you left me I felt empty

Couldn’t figure out why



When you loved me I was special

I could conquer the world

When you left me I was nothing

Because you weren’t my girl



When you held me I was safe

In your arm I could rest

In your love I was protected

From the chaos and mess



It was your love that rescued me

From my sorrow and pain

Gave me hope and a new direction

Gave me shelter from the rain



In restraint I can not touch you

Can’t experience your grace

Feel your kisses on my soul

And the warmth of your embrace



But in time you will re-love me

Because your love was always true

If I must wait one thousand lifetimes

This is what I must do

by Kenji