Long hard day then sunset, night falls, staring into your eyes

Went thru the day wanting your touch, needing your kiss

Then your tongue slip past mines, it stimulates me, entices me

Laying back pleading without word, my eyes begging for your touch

Hardly can breath, wanting in expectation, gazing into your eyes

Can you read what they say? They are yelling for your touch

Damn, you know exactly what they are saying, as you stand over me

Looking at me in admiration of what you have done by making me wait

I’m so dam anxious, my hips welcomes your stares

I buck my hips to meet your gaze, beckoning you to enter me

As if my lips down there can form the words, “Make yourself at home”

Then finally, with a sigh you give me relief

It feels like you penetrated my entire being, my very soul has embraced you

I lift my legs up so you can be exactly where you want to be, deep.

Deep thrust with every stroke, in, out, in, out, so melodically

Touching places that I thought were impervious but you’re there baby

The pleasurable tenderness of it is so good, that I can’t keep silent

For a second you think your hurting me but it’s just ecstasy taking over me

I stare into your eyes cause I love to see your own satisfaction in watching me

You take pride to know it’s only you that makes me feel this good

And it’s my pleasure to let you know my pussy is tailored made for you

No other dick will do, so I whisper that in your ear and watch you thrust faster

Then you call out my name and I can see the dreamy look in your eyes

You seem to reach even deeper in me, faster each time with each move

Revealing to me your power, I know your so close baby

I can feel you tense up and my muscle contracts, holding you so tight

About to travel to that place I can’t follow, please don’t go yet

Wanting you to stay, I can’t help by hold on to you with all my might

Not just your neck but where it counts the most, you are so close

I then realize as my rosebud is at full bloom and kitty has began to purrrrr

It’s me that can not stop from taking flight, What a delight?

I find at my return, you have just returned from your own trip to paradise…

Copyright © 2006

(orginally posted 12/7/06)