My Love Poem….Enjoy

I promised myself the next poem would not be so blue

Maybe I talk about the sun breaking through summer night’s dew

Turning to kissing my love, and embracing life with you

Make love to you all day like monkeys at the zoo

Maybe not that last line let me express love more divine

How about a garden full of roses without thrones on the vines?

What about a dinner for two featuring your favorite swine

NO, not romantic enough? How about let’s get shit face off some cheap wine?

How your love poem come along so far, are you horny yet?

How about a sweet kiss from my lips with breath scented cigarettes?

I can tell you about a Mountain tops with snow capped view

Or what about that sex thing you like, the thumb in, oh is that too taboo?

Maybe I can stay away from how you hurt me with that girl last week

Dang, not really getting the romance off the ground, seems bleak

I guess your gonna have to go get a hallmark card for your passion

 Cause this style of poetry just aint my fashion..

Copyright © 2006 P.P. Vol. 1


(orginally posted 12/5/06)


Just like Pagliacci did
I try to keep my problems hid