It feels like he’s cutting off my air supply

Hyperventilating, not sure how to keep from hearing good bye

Without love I’m nothing, without love I have no breath

Without him, I feel like I’ll just suffocate under the stress

Love is not boastful, nor is it proud, it’s full of patience

But how do I keep from feeling so damn anxious

It’ll be alright, it’ll be just fine, just be easy

Hoping he would just come back and free me

Maybe I am just to damn green, to me love is all I need

Letting go of the misunderstanding is easy for me to concede

Just need one reason to stay around, love is so hard to find

But I guess love is hard to combine with peace of mind

How do I go on without it, feels like a damn panic attack

The room seems to be spinning, Oh no everything is going black!!

How do I face another day, and deal with the fact

He’s gone, it’s over and I can’t get my man back….

Copyright © 2005


(orginially posted 12/8/06)