Tired of hoping that one day you will change

Tired of trying to convince you that my love will remain

Tired of feeling confused, hurt, alone and defeated

Tired of feeling like love is about being mistreated

Tired of the storm, the rain, the heartache, the pain

Tired of not being able to resist you, never able to refrain

 Tired of looking into your eyes that holds nothing for me

 Tired of love giving me no guarantees, not one ounce of security

Tired of being patiently waiting for someone that doesn’t even know I exist

Tired of my heart wanting you, never ceasing, constantly persist

Tired of crying, feeling like I’m dying, never satisfied and

Tired of feeling scared that one day I’ll hear you say good bye

Tired of being sick and tired just wish my heart would feel the exhaust

Tired of loving someone that won’t even recognize the great love he has lost

Copyright © 2000

(orginally posted 12/13/07)