June 2007



Sold sight unseen, who would travel loves journey down this path

A photo, a cam but so regretful that I have to ask, do your eyes close when u laugh?

You got me hook and my eyes don’t have a clue what to look for

 Dramatic expressions of fears that my feelings of love won’t experience more.

The more of you, the more of us, five senses deprived

It’s bigger than sight or not being able to look into your eyes

The anticipation of just a touch from your finger tips

It’s hearing you moan in my ear when I engulf you with a tight grip

The smell that will filtrate the air when our bodies entwine

How long can I fantasize all these wonderful feeling in my mind

Imagining taste of your kiss, I have such a hunger that only you can fulfilled

Patience has never been my virtue, be mines completely only time will reveal

I ache for an aroma so unfamiliar, a sensation never felt

Whispered words of warm moist pants as our bodies melt

What would you say? What would I see? My eyes are strangers to yours

Can you handle my intense stare? All these things I can’t wait to explore

Drinking from the kiss from either authority I know will be so sweet

You say you don’t care for the lower kisses, but maybe you’ll like how I feast

Day dreams, fantasy and what could be fuel that keeps me feeling like a feen

Because III, You got me sold sight unseen.

Copyright © 2006


Orginally posted 12/14/06



If I can just gain strength…but I’m so tired…

Yearning for masculine muscular arms in which to retire…

Stopping to rest at the side of the road, looking around for relief…

Since you’ve been gone, my life has been without any peace…

I turned to Him in which you say your strength lies…

Hoping that He too will give me some solace, help this pain subside…

I’m just not like the others, I color outside the lines..

So when I go through something, I have to keep it confined…

So I stay going down this road not sure where it leads…

Hoping that I didn’t turn, in all the confusion but I must proceed…

I get many offers of help, looking deep into eyes that maybe full of deceit…

I haven’t found no man’s eye quite like yours, so back into my shell I retreat…

The only man that never let me down, to find one like you feels despairing…

Sit here and cry won’t change things, so up on my feet for more preparing…

Babies sole stability to spring broad into their adulthood arrival…

I can’t rest to long, so what my heartaches, I have to think of their survival…

I guess I stop as long as I did to let you know I miss you…

Finding strength in you, trying not to let my vision become askew…

Cause somehow dad you handle this all alone, with strength, love and grace…

Just thinking of the smile on your face, I didn’t see any worries, not a trace…

I’m not as strong as you because after 3 years and I still can’t find that place…

I just wish at the end of this long, hard race, if I stay on pace…

One of my rewards is finding comfort in your warm embrace…

Miss you Daddy!!!

Copyright © 2006 P.P. Vol 1

(orginally posted 12/11/06)

 What determines a person’s role in your life?

What makes one person plant roots, while another becomes leaves subject to the change of life’s seasons? Then, there’s some people that are branches. They take hold but when hard circumstances come along, they too can be cut off. How do you know in whom should you take root and let take root to you?

Life has me feeling like a leaf, waiting for the fall when I’m let go for brighter, fresher and more desirable leaves. A leaf at the mercy of the wind, rain, even sunny days. It hasn’t nothing to do with my desire to stay, life dictates my remain. From a brisk wind to a child collecting pretty colors, I can be snapped away. Your tree of life will feel no pain and replacing it’s leaves are effortless.

I was let go once, snapped away by life’s changes but you returned. Had I actually become a part of you, maybe a branch. In what circumstance will you let me go again? Trimming back for greater growth. Will I become dead weight? I have to think breaking away a branch is a harder undertaking, maybe even a pain’s taking task. Will it hurt to snap me once more? To break free of me, will it be a necessity? What need will it meet? Will it be a mission in order to preserve the life you dream?

Think for a minute, have I taken root? Is that a scary thought to have? To be rooted to the point where without me, your existence you can’t see? Is it the fact that being rooted means exactly that, no you without me? Have you ever perceived being rooted as a delight? Have you ever seen me as someone that just might be the one? Because you have planted yourself deep within me. You are embedded in the root of my heart, my life and to remove you now….. Well, can a tree live without it’s roots?


Yesterday, while I stood staring at the window, I was alone……thinking…..about him

The new year was going to bring hope…..maybe even a new love….him

When I began this journey who knew that it would deliver me here….. Confused…

The center of sorrow…..

                        The middle of pain….

                                       And The heart of my grief….

The enemy wants me to think this is so…

I came to the split second realization of the betrayal that surrounded me….

The trick of the enemy….

                                But so upset I can’t pray…

But as I remembered how my spirit fled from the violence that molested my physical shell…. Now that’s betrayal … not this…

Suspended in time, a silent witness to the events now. The greatest pain of watching tragedy

               As if…..

                          As if…

Experencie hasn’t taught me better

             Scattered dreams,

                                empty hope,

                                                    lost love

I’m NO stranger to it alll anymore

               Sorrow overcomes my calm

                                As I knowledge my wrong doings

Confusion blurs my surroundings

                                I don’t know why

                                        And He wont give me a clue

But despite how I feel I give it all to You……

                                   so I come to You in prayer…… 


Copyright © 2000


I want to stand naked before you

And not feel ashamed

Show you my faults

Show you my pain

I want to be the one to live for you

And for you I will die

When I cry

Will you make me smile?

Walk with me down the aisle

Say the wordsTo hold and to have

Expose my naked soul before you

And know that you won’t laugh

 I want to unclothe my mind

So that you can findMy imperfections

Undress the mess that I call the past

And pursue with you a new direction

Can my words be au natural?

Uncover myself before your eyes

Will my nude feelings scare you?

Will it take you by surprise?

Or perhaps though your arms

From the pain can I escape

Undraped in your arms and free

Can we both just display

Some divine nudity

Copyright © 2000

(orginally posted 12/14/06)