I want to stand naked before you

And not feel ashamed

Show you my faults

Show you my pain

I want to be the one to live for you

And for you I will die

When I cry

Will you make me smile?

Walk with me down the aisle

Say the wordsTo hold and to have

Expose my naked soul before you

And know that you won’t laugh

 I want to unclothe my mind

So that you can findMy imperfections

Undress the mess that I call the past

And pursue with you a new direction

Can my words be au natural?

Uncover myself before your eyes

Will my nude feelings scare you?

Will it take you by surprise?

Or perhaps though your arms

From the pain can I escape

Undraped in your arms and free

Can we both just display

Some divine nudity

Copyright © 2000

(orginally posted 12/14/06)