What determines a person’s role in your life?

What makes one person plant roots, while another becomes leaves subject to the change of life’s seasons? Then, there’s some people that are branches. They take hold but when hard circumstances come along, they too can be cut off. How do you know in whom should you take root and let take root to you?

Life has me feeling like a leaf, waiting for the fall when I’m let go for brighter, fresher and more desirable leaves. A leaf at the mercy of the wind, rain, even sunny days. It hasn’t nothing to do with my desire to stay, life dictates my remain. From a brisk wind to a child collecting pretty colors, I can be snapped away. Your tree of life will feel no pain and replacing it’s leaves are effortless.

I was let go once, snapped away by life’s changes but you returned. Had I actually become a part of you, maybe a branch. In what circumstance will you let me go again? Trimming back for greater growth. Will I become dead weight? I have to think breaking away a branch is a harder undertaking, maybe even a pain’s taking task. Will it hurt to snap me once more? To break free of me, will it be a necessity? What need will it meet? Will it be a mission in order to preserve the life you dream?

Think for a minute, have I taken root? Is that a scary thought to have? To be rooted to the point where without me, your existence you can’t see? Is it the fact that being rooted means exactly that, no you without me? Have you ever perceived being rooted as a delight? Have you ever seen me as someone that just might be the one? Because you have planted yourself deep within me. You are embedded in the root of my heart, my life and to remove you now….. Well, can a tree live without it’s roots?