Sold sight unseen, who would travel loves journey down this path

A photo, a cam but so regretful that I have to ask, do your eyes close when u laugh?

You got me hook and my eyes don’t have a clue what to look for

 Dramatic expressions of fears that my feelings of love won’t experience more.

The more of you, the more of us, five senses deprived

It’s bigger than sight or not being able to look into your eyes

The anticipation of just a touch from your finger tips

It’s hearing you moan in my ear when I engulf you with a tight grip

The smell that will filtrate the air when our bodies entwine

How long can I fantasize all these wonderful feeling in my mind

Imagining taste of your kiss, I have such a hunger that only you can fulfilled

Patience has never been my virtue, be mines completely only time will reveal

I ache for an aroma so unfamiliar, a sensation never felt

Whispered words of warm moist pants as our bodies melt

What would you say? What would I see? My eyes are strangers to yours

Can you handle my intense stare? All these things I can’t wait to explore

Drinking from the kiss from either authority I know will be so sweet

You say you don’t care for the lower kisses, but maybe you’ll like how I feast

Day dreams, fantasy and what could be fuel that keeps me feeling like a feen

Because III, You got me sold sight unseen.

Copyright © 2006


Orginally posted 12/14/06