At a young age, I was drawn to her voice

Didn’t seem like I had a choice

A kindred spirit, descendants of grief

All those songs, she sang just for our relief

Voice not quite on pitch, timing not always on beat

But with every word I experience a safe retreat

She helps me cry when I can’t quite feel

She doesn’t judge the way I choose to deal

As a youth, didn’t know the story of Lady Day

Only knew, to gloom ,she fell prey

With age, I discover that her life was full of discord

No wonder our spirits are on one accord

She told me when I love, do it “All the Way”

No longer estrange when I feel lonely on “A Foggy Day”

“Strange Fruit”, a vivid example of what our ancestors’ endured

And we feel the same about love, “Everything I Have is Yours”

Wow, “Good Morning Heartache” and “Stormy Blues”

To know someone else has abuse as their muse

And who wouldn’t want to see “April in Paris”

“Comes Love” might as well live life and be careless

Billie blows me away, from her individuality to her eyes a gazed

Can’t help but want to heed more from this Lady Demure

Hear the voice start to slur from pessimism’s connoisseur

© 2007


(orginally posted 3/6/07)