(XXX rated)

Damn, I use to like my internal clock. Now it’s just plain annoying since I’ve been unemployed. Laying here still dark outside, I have no reason to get up right away. To bad my mind just won’t let me rest. It’s been 3 weeks since I was laid off and I have made little attempts to find a job. At the moment, I have no desire to even work. It came as a relief when I was told my services were no longer needed. I was becoming burnt out, totally fried. Working for only the pay, benefits and to accumulate time to get away became unfulfilling. I lost the pleasure of it all. I know I only have a 3 month grace period before my saving won’t be as nice as it is now. But still I feel no rush to run back to a career that takes so much out of me. Thinking of a new direction will be tomorrow’s contemplation, I don’t have the mental strength today.

I glanced at the clock to see it’s only 6:15am. Ok, now what? I finally got up to take a shower and I figured I straighten out my place. Then, I’ll go online and look to see what counties are hiring but they have to be close. I am not going to go back to the same rut, and have to spend a grip on gas to get there. An extra hot shower feels in order, and that special setting on the shower head will ease my racing mind. Looking down at myself as I lather up, hmm it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been touched by someone. It’s been over 6 months since we broke up and I promised myself the next man will be my husband. It’s shameful to have to count on both hands, so with these hands I set the shower pulse on high and just relaxed. As waves of pleasure takes over, I thought of his beautiful brown rigid strong hmmm working me over. My imagination vivid with the last time, I came so hard I squirted all over him. Yeah, that’s it. With a sigh but no satisfaction, I turn off the water and exit. It’s just isn’t the same. To bad that’s the only thing I miss about him. The sex was great.

I fiddled around cleaning an already tidy house, until the procrastination just seemed silly. Ok, I’ll go online to see what’s out there in the job market. Pulling up my homepage, an advertisement for affordable island vacations popped up. Any other day that would annoy the hell out of me but hey, it wont hurt to look. Aruba vacation 3 nights, 4 days, only $450 includes airfare and resort. That ain’t half bad, I thought and it’s a last minute deal. Why not? This time off doesn’t seem to be lifting my spirits, it might be just what I need. Na, I must be crazy thinking of going to Aruba by myself and I shouldn’t be spending money right now. But damn, I haven’t taken a real vacation in years, waiting around for someone to go with me will probably take a few more years. So I click the booking page and proceed to make my reservation. Send, I clicked from my mouse and with that I have to get ready to leave in the morning.

The rest of day went quite fast, which was unusual since I’ve been home. Once again, my internal clock woke me up but this time with a smile. I’m going to Aruba. I left my friends a text to let them know not to worry. I wasn’t about to let them talk me out of it. So with a timer for my lights and a last watering of my plants, I was on my way. Sitting on the plane, I still couldn’t believe I was headed to Aruba. Yesterday, I planned to go grocery shopping at that new store today. Relax Roslyn, I whispered to myself as I leaf through an issue of Ebony I pick up before boarding. Yes, a drink, ahhhh vodka and OJ as I paid the flight attendant. Alcohol always put me to sleep. That will make the flight less overwhelming.

I woke up in time to put my seat upright for landing. Looking out the window, I never seen an ocean so beautifully blue. I became excited about my stay finally, this is big. Go Roslyn, you’re a big girl, I thought to myself. My thirties had giving me an independence I couldn’t even imagine a decade ago. It feels great and scary at the same time. I’m becoming risky, who would have thought. I know my friends will trip when they read the text. They probably think I’m lying. I’m going to get them all souvenirs, fame my tickets and find locals to take pictures of me smiling on the beach. A resort shuttle van was waiting in the bay of the airports parking lot. I couldn’t wait to get in my room to change into my bathing suit. Staring out the van window, a loneliness come over me, wishing I had someone special to share this moment. Roslyn, shake it off, you better not get down, not here. The van ride only took 20 minutes before, it pulled into a gorgeous little resort, so exotic. It’s nothing I’m use to surrounded by the concrete of Brooklyn.

I checked in and almost ran to my room. I’m going to make the most of my time. It was a decent room, I can tell it was one of the smallest. I guess I can’t ask for more with the price I paid. It don’t matter, I didn’t plan to be in the room for any real length of time. After hopping into the shower and putting on my suit. I grabbed my bag of goodies to spend a lazy day at the beach. Shades, ipod, sarong, a good book of poetry, water bottle, tanning lotion and I’m all set. I pick out the perfect spot, far from everyone else and set up the beach chair, I rented. I set myself up just like I wanted and placed my shade on my eyes. Listening to Carl Thomas soothing voice sing to me about how her love feels like Summer Rain, I began to drift off into my own little imaginative world. He was not what I usually imagined. He had a pecan complexion, much lighter than I normally like but he was undeniable fine. Muscular exactly how I love it and firm how it should be. He stood there for awhile just looking at me as if he wanted me to anticipate what he was going to do to me. I examine every inch of him in his trucks. I could see he was well define, he had that muscle that forms an arrow right to the sweet spot.

He moved towards me and kissed my lips, with the warm breeze that lightly tossed my hair. Lips so soft but kisses so firm and purposeful. I couldn’t help but become warm. Right on the beach, he knelt between my legs and moved my suit to one side to feast. I rubbed his bald head to indicate my approval as he looked up into my eyes to see the satisfaction on my face. His tongue moved melodically around my rosebud as it became thick. With eyes closed, I felt myself rubbing my body on his face. I stop I didn’t want to take his breath. But when I look down at him, without a word his eyes beckoned me to continue. I slowly moved my hips to position his tongue right where I needed him to be. He let out a moan as if he had never tasted anything as sweet. He began to devour every drop I gave, sending me straight to paradise. I flinched back moving away, my orgasm was so intense. His powerful arms kept me from getting away. I whimpered softly as not to alert anyone to the scene. As I felt my arched back relax, I heard a bass tone voice, say “Damn“. I opened my eyes quickly, slipping my fingers from me. My pecan chiseled man had disappeared as I returned to the real world. It was just me and my soaked fingers. Maybe I’m hearing things, as I looked around to see if I was spotted. I didn’t see any one, so I took a drink of water and started reading my book.


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