You asked me the last time we saw one another, Why do I love you? I wanted to answer you but I didn’t want to show my emotions. I didn’t want to cry or pour my heart out once again. I feared my display of emotions would be shunned at worst and at best just not returned. However, I want to answer your question.

Love is any of a number of emotions and experiences related to a sense of strong affection or profound oneness. (Wikipedia)

Why do I love you?

I never know what’s on the radio when we ride in the car
We reach our destination way to quick, the conversation is so good

At the movies, you use the spaces between my toes as candy holders
And it makes me laugh, not because it tickles my sole but my soul

You pray in your car before you go to work and start your day, like I do
We believe the day just won’t turn out right without a proper beginning

I get out of the shower and look in the mirror at my flaws
But you see womanly beauty not just a pretty face, that means so much to me

When I’m in your arms everything just feels alright
I don’t worry about tomorrow, that moment is the only moment in time

You take me to homes you plan to one day own, you share your dreams with me You think  I am  important enough to share your dreams, that’s deep

Family functions and togetherness means so much to you as it does me
You know what really matters in life, and your priorities are in order

You are honorable in all you do, sacrificing yourself for others, selflessly putting others before yourself, it’s a common thread we share, just in different arenas

You open doors, hold my hand, even answer with a yes ma’am at time
It makes me feel precious even when you say “Hey girl” it sounds right

Physically what can I say but Damn!!!
I can just look at you and be half way there, moist, ready, waiting

And woo when we are together, our connection is so intense
Think if we really let our inhibitions go how passionate it will be

You’ve touch spots that I thought I had made unreachable to anyone
You not only touch them but you’ve soothe them

At times you scare me, feeling that this love I have will never be returned
Those times I act up and make things worst. You see the little girl that have been wounded and left scarred by love. I want to say I’m no longer that little girl but I haven’t grown to the point in which that fear doesn’t faze me, nor keeps me from acting out. I can say I am a better person now than who you met Sept 05. I have come to accept that the probability of reciprocity may never come. I now just enjoy the time we share.

Love always,


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