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The Essence of Me…

I’m sensitive but I’m strong, I’m a little girl but I’m a responsible adult, I’m insane but I make a lot of sense, I’m funny but it’s so serious, I feel lonely in a room fill of people, I’m scared but will face my fears, I love my children, family, and friends, I’m loyal, a woman of her word but when I’m done, it’s over, I experience emotions intensely but most people think I’m indifferent, I’m generous with my heart, but obsessive with my love, I’m exactly how my G-d (JC) made me,I’m simply complicated to the core.  That’s all (smiling)

The Physical (see pic above) and the Cultural (see video below)….

BTW this is a drama free zone, I set the guidelines, so feel at ease….

Come back often….I post new poems periodically..


10 Responses to “All About Kim !!”

  1. kugunichi Says:

    I’m just loving your work…keep it up..very thought provoking and revealing….


  2. Molli Says:

    Hi Kim,

    Nice to “meet” you 🙂 I’m glad that comment did reach you. I’d hate for you to think that I was just sitting there basking in the attention and not reciprocating in any way! 😛

    I love that signature line on your email “The easiest day was yesterday” – how true that can seem at times.

    I’ll be sure to visit your page again soon and take a good look around. Right now, it’s 11:59am and I’ve yet to sleep so my brain is beginning to shut down and I’m afraid any further commenting would be entirely nonsensical!

    ~ Molli

  3. Hello, just had a look at your work, and I like it very much…I like the sence of humour it holds whilst bieng so blatantly honest without fear!

    I’ll be back!!!
    Najma x

  4. pinkemeralds Says:

    Thanks Stacey, Molli and Najma for your comments and visit often…

  5. Jose Says:

    This is a cool site. I’d like to see how this site develops definitely …

    thanks Jose, don’t be a stranger… Ill be checking you out as well 😉

  6. asheselah Says:

    Njoying ur beautiful words, Kim…how cool to peek into another complicated soul through the windows of poetry. Keep up the excellence, cya ’round =)!

  7. Sandy Deon Says:

    They say I’ve written some very beautiful music. I read your ciphers and feel humbled by the experience. Since you’ve shared so much of yourself with me over the years, I can do no less. Two of my guys will drop CD’s in a month. Tony Kurtis and Jason Malachi. Good Man’s video is on youtube as well as Malachi’s performance in Vegas. My mom is having surgery next week so I’ll be in your area. Hope to meet you one day face to face. May you and yours always be blessed.

  8. pinkemeralds Says:

    Thank you Sandy, I wouldn’t mind meeting you as well. Love to her your music.

  9. voiceindawild Says:

    Thank you for inviting me to this page I, a weary traveler saw your fire off the path and decided to join for a brief respite before I journey on perhaps we’ll have a chance to share stories, life experiences and a word or two of encouragement, healing, and transformation.

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