OK, I saw this on two fellow WP bloggers, Heather’s and I think it was on John’s site also.  I loved the idea, so here goes.

A-Ambitious, Aggressive and warm Apple pie with  vanilla ice cream

B-Bold, laced Boy shorts Bewitching, but Bitchy

C-Cautious, Capri wearerCommunity Activist and buffalo Chicken wings

D-Devilish, emotionally Delicate, Denzel and Deep Tissue Massages

E-Did I say Emotional, Edgy and the 80’s Eddie Murphy

F-Funny, Full Figured but Fine ass hell 😉

G-Giving, Grateful, Green-eyed and Green Tea on a stressful day

H- Humorous, Hurt by people’s love and Humble by G-d’s love

I-Impulsive and very Impatient and Immature at times, always will  love III

J- JealousJokster and Junk food

K- Can be Kind, Kahlua with milk , red Kool-aid

L- In Love with Love, Loyal to a fault, Leggings with a wrap shirt

M-Mother, Monogamous and Money with Benjamin Franklin featured on the bill

N- NaughtyNight shirt and Panties or Nothing at all

O-Oral, yes I said Oral (blushing)

P- Perms, Pony tails, Peppermint scented candles

Q-Quilts on my couch, Quiet evenings writing and Q is a hard letter!!!

R-Restless, Raw Poetry (unpolished), Rage

S-Sexy in Heels, only in the bedroom not walking, Sensual, Soft Spoken to my lover

T-Tall, Tequila sour and Talented

U-Unshakable,and  Utterly Unique

V-Vivacious, and V-neck shirts to show off the twins

W-Warm-hearted, Warm baths, and Warm feeling after III’s touch 

X- X-ray? I don’t know??? Foster parent (I know there’s no X but it’s important to me)

Y- Hi Yella, Young at heart, New Yorker

Z- Zeal


One Response to “It’s Me, A-Z”

  1. Mr Dodd Says:

    Kim, my sister, I just have to say, I appreciate your liberation in your expression. Oral, yes you said it..don’t blush, revel in what you enjoy doing sexually, its a gift from God. I make no apologies for oral giving or recieving…thank God for the tongue..it can make us feel like nothing else..you know what I mean….

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