I keep my eyes close tightly, trying hard not to lose the image of you

Last night, you left me insatiable, this erotic blue movie in my head

Please baby don’t take that wrong, you always take me to my peak

 Just can’t get enough of you, your loving, but know you keep me well feed

As I slip a finger to part the lips of my wetness, the bright pink place

I try hard not to forget how good you look, the expression you had on your face

When you first enter me, every time with your first slide, can’t help but let out a sigh of relief

But I want to rewind the events in my mind, how you snatch it like a thief

I was sound asleep, waking up to your tongue gently massaging my clit

Not letting up until I came, mouth soak with my juices, until I finally submit

Put up a good fight but no match for your grasp and I’d have it no other way

Wanted to return the favor, experience this warmth, but you said today was my day

Now my own fingers are slippery, so I add a second one to my hungry yummm

Silky texture fingers gliding needing more fiction, cause your feel is so hmmm

Thought to call you home from work for more but I remember my secret weapon

It’s no match to your kiss, your touch, your smell but it’ll do when you’re gone

As it slides in one smooth motion, I can’t help but arch my back and gasp

The muscles that surrounds it contracts, can’t help but hold it with a tight grasp

I remember your nose twitched and whispers of how much you like how that feels

Just the thought of pleasing you makes me clinch once more and it feels unreal

As I feel myself get close to that point where you love looking into my eyes

You enter the room to my surprise, at first I’m a little embarrassed that I’m found

Toy on full blast, mouth half-open, leg spread and fingers on my mound

You beg me not to stop, baby finish let me see you make it purr for me

I hesitate at first feeling funny but you look so turn on, so I agree

As I return to thoughts of you last night, lost in passion of the moment, never noticed

You approach so close for a better view, couldn’t help but call out for you

Feeling plastic slip out to be filled with real, warm, strong, black, the Wooo

I whisper in your ear, damn baby, this feeling was so long over due

We began to move and sway to a rhyme, in harmony, our own special groove

I came twice by just thinking about you, so how intense will the real thing be

I can feel you grow stronger, a wave of pleasure starts to take over me

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I feel so free

Trying to catch my breath, I feel that you too have reached your peak with me

How nice to be so in sync? You kiss my lips. You hold me so tight.

Not wanting to break free but we do, now we have something to look forward to tonight.

Copyright © 2006

(orginally posted 12/12/06)




At times I look in the mirror and get turn on

I know it’s sound pure narcissistic

But it’s something about a woman’s physical form

I love the roundness of her titties

Something about a warm wet kitty

For some time now I knew I was drawn to it

Yearning to give her a good lick

Yet, I still love the thrust of a mighty sword

I’m dead wrong is what I hear

Can’t help it, I like my counterparts hard

But the softness from my peers

Copyright © 2000


(orginally posted 3/5/06)



Sold sight unseen, who would travel loves journey down this path

A photo, a cam but so regretful that I have to ask, do your eyes close when u laugh?

You got me hook and my eyes don’t have a clue what to look for

 Dramatic expressions of fears that my feelings of love won’t experience more.

The more of you, the more of us, five senses deprived

It’s bigger than sight or not being able to look into your eyes

The anticipation of just a touch from your finger tips

It’s hearing you moan in my ear when I engulf you with a tight grip

The smell that will filtrate the air when our bodies entwine

How long can I fantasize all these wonderful feeling in my mind

Imagining taste of your kiss, I have such a hunger that only you can fulfilled

Patience has never been my virtue, be mines completely only time will reveal

I ache for an aroma so unfamiliar, a sensation never felt

Whispered words of warm moist pants as our bodies melt

What would you say? What would I see? My eyes are strangers to yours

Can you handle my intense stare? All these things I can’t wait to explore

Drinking from the kiss from either authority I know will be so sweet

You say you don’t care for the lower kisses, but maybe you’ll like how I feast

Day dreams, fantasy and what could be fuel that keeps me feeling like a feen

Because III, You got me sold sight unseen.

Copyright © 2006


Orginally posted 12/14/06


Long hard day then sunset, night falls, staring into your eyes

Went thru the day wanting your touch, needing your kiss

Then your tongue slip past mines, it stimulates me, entices me

Laying back pleading without word, my eyes begging for your touch

Hardly can breath, wanting in expectation, gazing into your eyes

Can you read what they say? They are yelling for your touch

Damn, you know exactly what they are saying, as you stand over me

Looking at me in admiration of what you have done by making me wait

I’m so dam anxious, my hips welcomes your stares

I buck my hips to meet your gaze, beckoning you to enter me

As if my lips down there can form the words, “Make yourself at home”

Then finally, with a sigh you give me relief

It feels like you penetrated my entire being, my very soul has embraced you

I lift my legs up so you can be exactly where you want to be, deep.

Deep thrust with every stroke, in, out, in, out, so melodically

Touching places that I thought were impervious but you’re there baby

The pleasurable tenderness of it is so good, that I can’t keep silent

For a second you think your hurting me but it’s just ecstasy taking over me

I stare into your eyes cause I love to see your own satisfaction in watching me

You take pride to know it’s only you that makes me feel this good

And it’s my pleasure to let you know my pussy is tailored made for you

No other dick will do, so I whisper that in your ear and watch you thrust faster

Then you call out my name and I can see the dreamy look in your eyes

You seem to reach even deeper in me, faster each time with each move

Revealing to me your power, I know your so close baby

I can feel you tense up and my muscle contracts, holding you so tight

About to travel to that place I can’t follow, please don’t go yet

Wanting you to stay, I can’t help by hold on to you with all my might

Not just your neck but where it counts the most, you are so close

I then realize as my rosebud is at full bloom and kitty has began to purrrrr

It’s me that can not stop from taking flight, What a delight?

I find at my return, you have just returned from your own trip to paradise…

Copyright © 2006

(orginally posted 12/7/06)





So satisfying at times

So disappointing at others


Wake up wanting, craving you

Pray at night for no thoughts of you


Touch so persuading like peddler’s promises

Defenses low, Control just doesn’t exist


The sweetest aversion, a dreadful desire

Easily complex, a Jerkle in Hyde attire


Words like morphine, can’t feel no pain

Body vitalizing, the purest form of cocaine


Heroine Nodds, Can’t help but Agree

Like a feen,  needing another puff of ur Weed

© 2007




She watches us hoping for a chance at you

Or is it me that she desires, she’s not giving us a clue

Looks like she wouldn’t mind us both

Watching us intensely, slowly drawing close

Just knowing she there makes it so erotic

Just knowing she’s there lying in wait

You hold me close and whisper in my ear

Telling me that I’ll make the calls , this ride I’ll steer

Not sure how to be cause dominance is his thing

But today I’ll navigate how we swing

Hmmm, I beckon her to come close to see if her kisses are sweet

Whispering in her ear to keep all we do tonight very discrete

Instructing her that his pleasure is our goal

Make him so weak, not knowing his control I stole

With a wink , she knew just what I mean

Poor man, didn’t know that we had plotted and schemed

I know him well, everything he likes, now times two

First Ill start and just do everything I do

He likes it licked like this, now see how he likes two sets of lips

Let’s see… who will ride first, I decide to let him quench her thirst

As I straddle his smile, she climbs abroad, now we all can enjoy

Sucking, licking, sexing and kissing, until a passionate burst

Clasping with exhaust and delight, she had enough of what I’ll allow

Cause after we’re done, no cuddling , three’s a crowd

© 2007



There’s no substituting you, but I really tried to

Was trying real hard to get over you, so any fool would do

And a fool is what I found, ignorance that was so profound

That’s what I get for trying so hard, keeping my heart on guard

No one but you makes my body have spasms,  had to think of you for my enthusiasm

Pungent odor from another, but your sweet fragrance natural body essence

Touches my nose goes right to my heart and soul, oh acquiescence

Body like a Greek G-d, chiseled, strong, mocha and taste as exceptional

Thinking of your Mocha pressed against my Khaki, hmmm, so phenomenal

Charismatic words melts all ills, lost in your arms and wooed by your charm

Craving your presence, ur style, ur uniqueness , all my defense are disarmed

Significant that only you can stimulate my mind, to create such rhymes

Only you can embrace me in so many ways, my mind, body and spirit

My heart was captured by a thief with an amazing smile, you as the culprit

My rosebud becomes thick, enriched with a flick from your finger tips

And when your lip gently touches it, seems like there’s a total eclipse

A whole years seems so long to wait, but there’s just no equivalent

But to think of waiting in vain is distressing, can’t handle your ambivalence

So I am at a crossroad of life, ready to love with all my heart, to no end

Trying to move on, with my heart attached to you, but looking for a new friend

It feels at time no matter how I try this broken heart of mines will never mend

Nothing anyone can recommend, just at a pitiful soul, trap by the horror of love

Wishing it was the type of love that beautiful, melodic songs are made of

Instead it’s the one unrequited fools find themselves blinded by, how maligned?

So I guess any fool will do, any fool that will help me get over you

Guess that all I can do, until I wake up one day with a heart anew

And I hope that’s soon…..

Copyright © 2006 P.P. Vol. 1

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