This morning I ventured into a new tag for me…Adoption, Foster Care, Foster parent, Social Worker.

It has inspired me to write about my 10 years in Child Welfare, (in 3 states, NY, OHIO, NC)  as a CPS social worker and now currently a Foster care social worker.  I believe I have an advantage due to being a foster parent, and soon to be adoptive parent.  I am also a first mother (biological) of two children. I hesitated to write about the emotional part of fostering a child and then deciding to adopt or the emotions tied in working in the Child Welfare System due to confidentality laws. But I will do my best.

I will be posting these kinds of writing under ” Child Welfare”…My blogroll will remain primarly poetry.


One Response to “Child Welfare and Me”

  1. I am having a hard time finding adoptions classes here in Wake County. They are all offered on Tues/Thurs nights until 9- when I am an hour away at my Ph.D. program. Do you know anywhere that does all Saturday (or weekend) classes? Are they rare?

    I don’t know of any, most are Tues & Thurs MAPP classes. However, most agencies will allow your wife to go to the class with your admission that Fostering is a united goal. I think I read that wife is attending classes, if I am correct they should be willing to take one of you for licensure with the other consent and knowledge that security checks needs to be made,(criminal etc.) I understand that you may want that experience first hand, I would talk to your licensing social worker. I took classes thru Lutheran due to it being a Christian base agency, they had Tues/Thursday class with a few (2-3) on Saturday in Mecklenburg County. Maybe the Lutheran near you can help with your situation. Good Luck, fostering to adopt is sooo rewarding. 🙂

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