This morning I woke up with about 6 children on my mind. Although, I have about 15 children, no make that 18 children. Two of them are my biological children and one is my foster child.

The six children I was thinking about has various task they and or I have to accomplish.

1. Lil D is one years old but doesn’t speak at all. He and his 3 years old sister came into foster care about 2 months ago. Their parents has ongoing domestic violent incidents in the home, some of them involved weapons and most of them involved hospitalization of the mother. She’s had broken ribs, black eyes etc.  The department worked with the couple for 3 months with counseling, parenting classes. transportation, child care, etc but the violence never ended. The last incident that occured involved drugs, something that up until that time was not a problem. The children were removed. On Monday, I have to meet a child development worker at Lil D’s day care to observe his development. The CDSA (child development worker) will see if he needs other services other than basic speech and nutrion. BTW, the children are underweight. She told me on Friday she believes Lil D just wasn’t talked to as a infant, or had any real mental stimulation. The CPS worker stated,he was beaten if he cried for food, attention etc, so he stop crying, babbling etc. Since the spanking did not leave marks or bruises, the case was tranferred to case management with the children still in the home. The agency tried to keep the family together as long as they could while putting services in place until the danger was immiment. Anyway last week, when lil D came into my office, he actually laughed because he knows Ms. Kim has fruit roll ups. He received his roll up and went to his supervised visit with his parents.  I was so happy to hear any noise from him. His foster mother reports he is trying to babble now. 

2. Ms. Z. She’s 17 years old and just finished H.S. Ms. Z wants to work, get her own place and be done with child welfare when she turns 18 in 2 months. It’s nothing personal, she like most children do not like any parental figure telling them what to do as teenagers, even if your parental figure is an agency. She lives in a foster home becuase she has no “real” behavioral problems. She’s an honor student that made almost perfect scores on her SAT. She can go to any college she wants to go to and the government will pay her way. However in order to do that she can not sign out of care at 18 years old. I hate to see her sign out and the benefits are no longer there for her. She believes when she signs out she will just get a job and go to school on her own. Why put yourself through school, if you can get the agency to do it. She tell me scholarships. I know she can get some, but there’s no garantuuree that she will full ones like she would recieve as a child in care. She wants to take that chance. I think the reason is her family. She was placed in care at 14 yrs old by her grandmother, when her mother died. She was having typical teenage problems with authority that her grandmother couldn’t handle. Once in care it decreased becuase of grief counseling. Yes, we offered this service free to her grand mother but she was adament she did not want Ms. Z. So that just made us need more counseling due to being reject by her own people. Now Ms. Z is much better, her grandmother wants her to sign out of care at 18 and live with her. Ms. Z wants so bad to be apart of her family she is willing to let go all the benefits. I brought her to our Independent Living conference to introduce her to other 18 yrs old still in care. A few have their own apartments now and working. They take budgetting classes, parenting classes etc. And if they are able and willing to go to college, they get tutition, tutoring, computers, etc. I think the conference has help Ms. Z but she was closed mouth on the way back on Wednesday. This Monday I’m going to talk to her grandmother to see if I can talk to her. 

I could go on and on but I have to tend to my own family now. 🙂


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